future of books

I know this may be hard to conceive, but can you imagine a world with no books?

Everything you need can be found on a computer or the portable device in your hands.  You want to read a story?  No problem, just download the pdf onto your mobile device and there is your book. No more papercuts, no more scribbled or torn pages.  Just your handy mobile device.

This is the direction books appear to be going in.  As technology increases, we move towards larger information being stored in smaller and smaller devices.

Don’t believe me?  Then just ask the vinyl records


What We Take for Granted

I know most people are aware that right now we have more technology available to us that makes our life easier.  In the old, old days, not everyone had cars or air conditioners or televisions.  But I don’t think people realize how much technology is a part of their lives.  Even I had to think about this very carefully.  I began imagining the ways my life is easier due to technology.  Here’s some food for thought.

I started from the morning.  We can bathe in the morning without going to a river or bailing buckets of water into a tub.  I have a space designated for bathin (SHOWER), brushing my teeth (SINK), and using the TOILET to take care of my hygiene.  I didn’t make the towel that dries me or the curtains that stop water from spraying everywhere.  My dad bought them as he bought the rest of my house.  MACHINES MANUFACTURED most of what is is in my bathroom.  I stop and stare at what is around me and wonder what I will discover next.

I put on my clothes (ones that were made with the aid of machines), and I walk to the breakfast table, passing NIGHT LAMPS, LIGHT BULBS, a TELEVISION, VCR, DVD player, COMPUTER, CD player, ELECTRIC FAN, AIR CONDITIONER, PLAYSTATION III, and LIGHT SWITCHES to name a few of the electronic devices in my home.  This is something I do everyday, but this time, I am more aware of my surroundings.  I go and open the REFRIGERATOR and pull out milk which is PUMPED OUT OF A COW BY A MACHINE.  Then I pull out the bread, butter it, and cook it on my GAS STOVE, while I wait for the MICROWAVE to heat up my milk.  Then I sit down to eat my breakfast.

Then I grab my KEYS and start my CAR which will take me to my classes.  On the road I see OTHER CARS and a GAS STATION, CONVENIENT STORE, TRAFFIC LIGHTS, GROCERY STORES, and FURNITURE STORES.

By this time, it is only 11 am and I have more than half the day to go, but here is all this technology that is integrated with my life everyday. It is amazing to actually go through the entire day and think about how easy my life is.  And it is more amazing that I don’t think about it more often.  That I go day after day without thinking, hey, technology has shaped my life.  Whether all these things are positive remains to be pondered, but they are there, for better or for worse.

I challenge you to walk through your day thinking about the convenient life you live.  Really challenge yourself to see everything, because I know I missed a few items with my search.  As you go, think how they help you and think how you would be able to live without them.  It’s pretty mind opening!